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Central AZ Mustang Club

Home of the Mustang-Only Cruises of the Summer

May 2017

Volume 5   Number 1

General Meetings
The Central AZ Mustang Club will probably end up meeting every so often at the Yavapai County Jeep Posse's Club House next to the Ice Skating Rink at Pioneer Park (what do you mean you didn't know there was an Ice Skating Rink there?).

There are two asphalted parking lots around the Jeep Posse Clubhouse on which we can park our pride and joys. The area immediately around the Clubhouse is dirt and gravel (it is the Jeep Posse Clubhouse, after all). 

Everyone is welcome
   -Mustang Owners
   -Mustang Enthusiasts
   -Mustang Ponderers
   -Mustang Suppliers
   -Mustang Services
   -Mustang Spouses (probably should have put them at the top!). 

About the only things NOT ALLOWED are 
Please leave them all at home.

The mailing address for the Central AZ Mustang Club is:

Central AZ Mustang Club
PO Box 11929
Prescott AZ 86304

Club Dues
There are none.  Show up, contribute a little or a lot to the overall ambiance, and consider yourself a Member.

Newsletter Deadline
All items need to be to the editor by the 15th in order to make the next issue of the newsletter. Send items to:

Don Stewart

Good Eats Donations:
Thanks to the requests from some of our members, I have instituted a Donations Bowl at the meetings to help defray the cost of donuts and coffee - thank you for your participation in this (totally) volunteer donation for pay for goodies.





Mustang-Only CRUISE NEWS

This newsletter is the result of requests by (a lot of) local Mustang Owners to figure some way to keep us all connected now that they have found my Mustang-Only Cruises the first weekends in May and Oct. Happy to do it.

from the Editor


Next Meeting of the Central AZ Mustang Club will be on Saturday April 15, 2017 from 10am-Noon, at the Yavapai County Jeep Posse House in Pioneer Park in North Prescott. Maps and stuff at


We'll spend some time getting to know each other again with our 30-second elevator speeches, and we'll share some of the problems we are or have experienced while putting our rides on the road. Paved parking lot next to the Meeting House can hold a bunch of cars, so plan on bringing your Mustang Pride & Joy for others to see. Project Cars are always welcome. If you have a car to sell, mark up the windows and park it for the meeting goers to look at. RSVPs are running strong. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again, and  Welcome to those who will be making our Meeting for the first time.

Please RSVP (if you haven't already done so) for the Meeting at:


Slide Shows

Slide Show (239 Photos) of the 2016 Mustang Project Cruise is at:

Mustang Project Cruise 2016 Gallery

Slide Show (312 Photos) of the 2015 Pony Only Cruise is at:

Pony Only Cruise 2015 Gallery


Coming up is the Mustang Project Cruise on the First Saturday in May (May 6, 2017) next to In-N-Out Burger in the Walmart Parking lot on Highway 69 at Prescott Lakes Parkway. KKLD will be there playing all of our favorite Oldies! The event will run from 10am-3pm. Pre-Parking for registered Mustangs starts at about 8:00am. No cost to be in the show (but donations are appreciated), no cost to attend the show. We are going to be full again, so Register your Mustang NOW free at 


In order to make as much room for Mustangs as possible (this is one full event), we have limited the number of vendor stalls that we can accommodate in our Cruise Display area to Vendors Row.

We have several Commercial vendors interested, and they understand that, because of the nature of our Permit with the City, they cannot sell. They can talk to you, hand out flyers, show off their stuff and take orders, but no cash sales.

Galpin Ford will be there in the Vendors Row with a couple of their Killer Mustangs, including Zane Galpin's Immaculate 67 Mustang, KKLD will have their outstanding Oldies Music Mix, prize wheel and show favorite drawing, and the Jeep Posse will have their Command and Communications Search & Rescue Vehicle on Display. Vendors are encouraged to apply for a stall on Vendors Row at:


If you want to set up a table to sell some of your own personal Mustang items, that is ok. Selling personally-owned items at the Cruise is allowed, just no COMMERCIAL selling. Let me know by checking VENDOR on the registration form. Bring a hat because we DO NOT allow canopies at this event.

I'll be keeping all the selling on the Vendors Row, so if you are bringing PERSONAL stuff to sell, reserve one space in the show area for your car and another space in the Vendors Row to sell your personal items - Submit two registration forms - and I'll let you know if there is room for you in the Vendors Row. Remember to bring your own table and chairs for your stall on Vendors Row. Again, NO CANOPIES!

As you all probably know, this isn't actually a Cruise, since we all stay in one place for the whole day. But it's not really a car show either, since we don't do any Judging, and Paint & Polish are not required (but no one is going to complain if you do spiffy up your Mustang for the show). 

In fact, I encourage EVERYONE with an unfinished, or in-work project to "Push it, Pull it, Trailer it, or Drive it to the Mustang Project Cruise." Every Ford Mustang is welcome no matter what year, what body style, or what condition. 

Vehicle Show Space registration is free, but we do ask you to make a donation when you get to the Cruise, to benefit our nonprofit Event Sponsor, the Yavapai County Jeep Posse. They work tirelessly to make sure your car gets in and out of the event with a minimum of stress. They are at the event for the whole day and help Debbie and me all day - and they smile while they are doing it. Every Donated Dollar goes directly to the Posse treasury. Nobody else makes a single dime on this event.

Debbie and I are scouring the earth (well, Debbie's doing most of the scouring) to bring yet another set of great raffle prizes (and we have some doozies) for our Pick-Your-Prize style raffle. You pick the prize you want to try for, and drop your ticket stubs in that tub. Tickets are 10 for $5, buy as many as you can to support the Yavapai County Jeep Posse. 

We usually staple a few discount & meal coupons to each strip of 10 tickets worth more than the $5 you spend on the strip of tickets, but they go really fast first thing in the morning, so don't miss out. Winner need not be present for all but the heaviest of the prizes, but your ticket must be readable! Print your phone number CLEARLY on the back of the ticket stubs. And be sure you drop the correct part of your ticket in the tubs.

I'll make a couple 10-band numeric rubber stamps available at the Registration Table so you can set your own phone number and stamp all of your tickets. Buy More Tickets - No Hand Cramps!


Thank you Pony Peeps (People) for all of your continued help and support in making these events something to remember for all. I look forward to seeing you at our Next Meeting on April 15, 2017 and at the Mustang Project Cruise on Saturday, May 6, 2017.


Meeting Notice

The next meeting of the Central AZ Mustang Club will be on Saturday, April 15, 2017.

Please RSVP me at -->  Don@CentralAZMustangClub.com

Directions to the Yavapai County Jeep posse Meeting House

Mustang Cruises

Our next Cruise/Car Show is the Mustang Project Cruise, to occur on Saturday May 6, 2017 from 10am-3pm. Mark your calendars now.  This is the First Mustang-Only Cruise of the Summer. Don't miss out. If you would like to register your car for the Mustang Project Cruise, please do so now. REGISTRATION OF YOUR MUSTANG IS FREE:

Visit the Professor at 

All of our Cruises are held at the Walmart parking lot next to In-N-Out Burger on Highway 69 at Prescott Lakes Parkway (google it) in Prescott AZ.

(Just to clarify): This a Cruise in the sense that you Cruise from home in the morning, Park yourself for the day, and Cruise on home after it is over. 

Nobody really knows what to call this type of event. It's like a Car Show, we all park in one place, the general public comes out to oogle your handiwork, but without the judging, without the spit & polish (although that's ok too), without the new paint, maybe some dings here and there - you get the idea.

But it's also like a Cruise, a lot more laid back, informal, but we don't drive around as a group (some projects are just not drivable), and this way the public is way more involved in your project.

Word is getting out to surrounding areas that our events have an extremely good turnout, and are worth the trip to Prescott to participate. 

Same deal as all of our Cruises - No fee for vehicles or attendance (as in FREE), but I would appreciate it if you would sign up so I know how many Mustangs to expect. 

Every driver who turns in their Registration sheet at the Registration Table after they are parked on Saturday morning gets 2 free tickets to the Killer Raffle.

Also, while there is no mandatory charge for getting a stall for your car, we would really appreciate that you donate whatever you can at the Registration Table to benefit our nonprofit sponsor (the Yavapai County Jeep Posse) when you get to the event, with my thanks.

100% of the proceeds from this Cruise go to the Jeep Posse. They need the cash for all the GREAT behind-the-scenes things that they do to help everyone in this community (from Search & Rescue to Evacuation Planning and Implementation). 

The Posse's communication gear costs an arm and a leg to run and replenish, and their mobile command and communications truck needs to be kept maintained to provide the high level of service that we have grown to expect. 

The Posse will have one of their Search & Rescue vehicles at the event (unless they are out on a search) and will be happy to talk to you about what they do, and how you can join their team. 

Don't be shy, show off all the great things you have done to your Mustang!

If you can Push it, Pull it, Trailer it, or Drive it, your Mustang should be at this cruise. 

Any Year Mustang, Any Model Mustang, Any Condition Mustang is Welcome at this cruise. 

You are welcome to sell any of your PERSONAL stuff at the Cruise (including your Mustang), but caution, NO COMMERCIAL SELLING. 

Businesses are welcome to get a free booth to show off their products, hand out their literature and take (pay-later) orders but, please, NO COMMERCIAL SELLING. (The City is getting pretty focused about such infringements.) Only Mustangs will be allowed to park within the show boundaries - be prepared with table and chairs for your sales booth. If you are also bringing a Mustang, register for a second show stall to show it off.

Debbie is continuing to scour the countryside for prizes for the Raffle that we hold during the Cruise, also to benefit the Jeep Posse. We typically get close to fifty prizes for the Raffle! 

Killer Raffle - Killer Deal - 10 Raffle Tickets for $5!!!! Pick-Your-Prize style Raffle. ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE YAVAPAI COUNTY JEEP POSSE.

If you are a business or individual that has a hankering to donate goods or services to the raffle and get all that great publicity, I will  be pleased to arrange pickup of your valuable item(s) if you would please email me at 


Understand that this is more a Car Show than a Cruise. We all stay parked during the event, showing off to everyone who comes to drool. While we would like everyone to get their Mustangs there during the 8-10am Pre-Parking, if you get there late, we're still happy to see you. If you just have to leave a little early to get to a wedding, we understand.

The event is open from 10am-3pm (vehicle pre-parking at 8am). Please mark your calendars and plan to be there. Admission is FREE, Registration is FREE.

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Featured Mustang

I'm thinking of featuring at least one Mustang here for each issue. It might be a Mustang that found its way to one of our Club Meetings, or one I saw at a local show, or one I stopped out on the highway just so I could take pictures.



If you want me to consider your Mustang for the Featured Column, send me a  (high resolution) photo of your ride along with a couple of sentences that explain what makes it so cool. If I have an opening, your Pony gets in.

Other News

If I can't find anywhere else to put some juicy Mustang tid-bit, it will go here:

What's In Our Future

If you have an idea for something that you would like the club to be doing, the best way to get it done is to let me know what you want to do. The best way to do that is to email me with the details.

I'm a cost/timeline kinda guy, so what's going to convince me to be involved in a new project is a timeline of what needs to be done, what it's going to cost, and what the return on the investment (ROI) of time/money might be.

Understand, though, that you have to believe that it is a good enough idea that you will be willing to step up and head the committee to get it done if I don't have the time or experience.

For most folks, that's a deal breaker. Too bad. Lots of really good ideas self-destruct from fear of trying them out. But I also need you to understand that if you PONY UP to lead an activity, you won't be in it alone. In addition to my help, you will also be able to cultivate other volunteers from the rest of the club. If you can't find the cohorts that you need, then maybe the time isn't quite right for your activity - sometimes timing is everything!

So, if you have an idea whose time has come, then be the hero, PONY UP and we'll figure out a way to get it done.

For Sale

I've tried this a bunch of times on my websites and newsletters in the past, and everyone kinda gets shy. But I will persevere: 

If you have something Mustang to Sell, feel free to email me a decent photo and one sentence description and I'll try to fit it here. In addition, I need another sentence that gives your contact info: Name (or nickname), Phone, Price, Location (just city is fine - no addresses). Anything missing and the adv won't run. 

If you want to list your car for sale, no problem, but I need you to also send me a sentence that says that you have Clear Title (that's a legal term) and in what state the car was last registered. Don't waste a lot of time trying to sell a car where the VIN on the title doesn't match the ID (or VIN) on the body. 

For Trade

If you have something that you need to get rid of, and want to replace it with something else, here's the place to put your For Trade Adv. No Charge. Just email me what you want to say. If I have room, it will get in the next issue.

WTB - Wanted to Buy

This is the home shopping network approach to looking for Mustang things to buy. But sometimes it is the only way to connect, so here goes:

If you are looking for something specific from a Mustang (and you have checked the For Sale list above) then give me a one sentence description of what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay. Include the Make, Model, Year, Body, Color, Size, and Condition and I'll try to squeeze it into the newsletter. Be sure to supply an email or phone number so folks can get back to you. 

And don't hold your breath for a response, WTB advs are not usually very well read, but probably an ok way to go if you are in a real bind for a part.

Central AZ Mustang Club
PO BOX 11929